US Team Bag Gold At Aon

The British team might have bagged double gold at the Aon Youth Sailing World Championships, but the US team was not far behind.

Indeed, this time the level of competition was high with several gold medal contestants having achieved great records and shown incredible performances on the water.

There were five winners on the final day who were confirmed in their victory a day before the final races. Indeed, there was much rejoicing in Auckland as the Aon Youth Sailing World Championships came to an end today. Indeed, the Nacra 15 gold was won by the sailors of the French multihull group while the 29er class showcased a women’s victory that was a first in this regatta this year. Even the 420 class saw the US team having secured gold. Indeed, the team of boys had worked hard and the dedication as well as dieting that they followed seemed to have paid off.

Great Britain as well as Israel were able to secure titles in the RS:X series. The US team was represented by Jack Parkin and Wiley Rogers. Both of them won gold as they gained double victory in two races by the time day four was concluded. Indeed, Rogers stated that the amount of dedication they had to put into the race finally paid off and the victory they attained has not sunk in as yet.

The British team was able to secure double gold. This has definitely been a high five year for the British contingent, Ben Ainslie having secured the American Cup tournament as well as the country teams performing remarkably well in the Olympic events. The US team has been on diet mode for the race. Hence, all that they look forward to is to get their hands on their favorite food.