Notorious Doldrums are encountered when they are racing between Lisbon and Cape Town on Leg 2 through Atlantic by Volvo Ocean Race fleet minimal disruption breezed through their way.

The doldrums of eighth day Leg 4 was made to missed opportunities to relinquish the grip on the seven teams by light winds and blistering heat.

The crew members from last three days were focused on the north so as to get as early as possible into the consistent trade and can lock themselves, which will fire them towards Hong Kong but the race is going slowly.

From last 24 hours the wind has become non-existent and reducing average speed to as little as three knots and the temperature of air and sea has risen to uncomfortable levels. It gets normal when the cloud appears. This painful condition has left speechless.

Jens Dolmer in an interview said “It’s very hot and slow and we get frustrated as we have covered 100 miles in 24 hours and completely saps the energy as it is very hot in the day no breeze at all”.

The unstable nature of Doldrums left the team in gains and losses as at one point more teams turned to east. And the west side boats on the next position has pulled back and drawn level again.

In the past 24 hours the real winner was Scallywag who has maintained to reduce the gap from more than 30 miles to around 10. And also UTC update placed them on the top ranking due to west side position and they are technically close to home port that is their finish line and waiting fans for scores.

Libby Greenhalgh Scallywag navigator said in an interview “Because of fastest boats they have made gains on the fleet”.