Paralympic Sailing New Hopes

At one end Paralympic Sailing Federation is trying their best re-introduce sailing in Paralympic 2024. And giving a breakthrough to team members and players, world sailing has invited bids from all member national authority to bid for the Para world sailing championship. The bids have to be submitted at the executive office of the World sailing event team. It has to be submitted by 18 of November 2016.

Para world sailing and others associated with sports are endeavoring to re-introduce sailing in Paralympic 2024. This move is the big success of forum’s effort. The team members of the forum along with players are excited and happy hearing this decision of governing bodies.

For more details about information that need to be mentioned in bid people associated with sport can meet Para world sailing manager Massimo Dighe. The manager will be available in executive office.

The Paralympic sailing was excluded from 2020 Paralympic that is scheduled to take place in Tokyo, Japan. The news was heartbreaking for all those who are practicing this sport and wanted to make their long career in it.

To re-introduce Paralympic sailing in a 2024 Paralympic World, sailing forum is striving hard, working hard with, who specialise in yacht chartering in Croatia. To decide on the fate of this sport in the world’s biggest event, a conference was scheduled to take place on 8 November 2016. However, before this conference, World sailing announcement for bids has given a ray of hope among players and forum members.

Para sailing game was introduced at the Olympic in the year 1996 as a demonstration sport and in the year 2000 it became medal sport. Presently, 80 countries are participating in this sport. World Paralympic excluded this game from 2020 Paralympic and this saddened the players and coaches a lot. Everyone associated with this game is trying their best to re-introduce it in 2024 Paralympic event.