Minor Error Leads To Big Hurt For Maloney And Meech

One un-calculated error proved expensive for Molly Meech and Alex Maloney at the Santander in the World Cup final overnight.

The 49erFX Olympic silver medalists posted two thirds, but were finished in 13th in the day’s first race.

After competing in the race, Maloney said, “The days was pretty good, but it could have been a rocking day”. “Today we had consistent racing, but a minor tactical error in the race hindered our performance and coming down to the finish line, we lost a lot of the fleet.”

“At the time of the race, there was a big hole in the wind and I gibed it, but then, I realized it was a wrong decision.”

In the 15-boat fleet, the pair is now in the seventh position and still it is feeling the effects of being loaded with the penalty of 50 percent of their results of first-day where their boat declares as underweight when measured before the beginning of the regatta. That saw Meech and Maloney 13th after the first day of racing.

For the fellow Trent Rippey and Kiwis Josh Porebski, It was a day full of challenges. The pair carded a ninth and two 13ths in the 49er fleet 16-boat to slip one place in the standings to eighth overall. The pair is envisaging to finish in top-three position in Santander. And from this score, it is clear that they have to sail extremely well in the regatta’s second half to get back in touch.

Maloney said, “If seen points-wise, then it wasn’t the greatest day, but overall we had a great experience and in the race we sailing well. We have got some good experiences from the day. We will try to score better in the next races and surely we will achieve our targets”.