Malaysian authority to be investigated over Israeli absence from sailing tournament

On Sunday, the World Sailing stated that they are carrying on an investigation and looking for a clarification from Malaysian Organizing Authority after Israel was unable to send a delegation to the Youth Sailing World Championships in Langkawi, Malaysia.
Israel’s Noy Drihan and Yoav Omer would not have the scope to defend their titles at this year’s championships that started this Sunday. Last week, the Israel Sailing Association told that they would not be able to take part in the event as the surfers did not get any visa and the demands made by the organizers were not great.
According to reports, the ISA told World Sailing, the International Olympic Committee as well as the hosts that they would not take part as the organizers asked that the surfers would not be able to participate under the Israel flag. They will also not be able to use any insignia identifiable with Israel on anything, such as surfboards or cloths. They were also told that their national anthem would also not be played if they win gold.

In a recent statement, World Sailing President Carlo Croce said that this is quite a delicate matter like all diplomatic issues. World Sailing is aware of the current commentary in the public arena, and has reason to believe that some of the comments may not be accurate or possibly based on misunderstandings. He also added that World Sailing is committed to make sure that participation in their sport by competitors from all nations, and is taking this issue seriously. An investigation team is already underway to deal with this issue.