Bahamas Paradise Offers Sailing ‘Away From Storm’

Cruise Industry News has come to know that this voyage is not going to take place because of the embarkation limits with early closure of the port.

The Cruise Line of Bahamas Paradise is offering a wonderful opportunity to avoid Hurricane Irma as it has made a decision to provide the four-night cruise aboard the Grand Celebration.

On Friday, the cruise will leave the Palm Beach at 10 a.m., and it is set to come back on Tuesday.

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line CEO, O’neil Khosa, told the Cruise Industry News that the discussions begin on the afternoon of Wednesday among employees with regards as to whether they could board the ship. The ship was about to start its sail from Palm Beach to avoid the storm Irma on Friday. 

Khosa said, “Many of us live locally, and we figured it out that the ship could be the safest place to remain in the calm waters. Then we thought to open it up for people. We put this new on our website and the service was offered at the minimal charge. It was kept as $50 for a person for one day.”

Friday, the ship will anchor at Palm Beach, landing passengers from the last cruise before sailing towards the south.

Khosa said it would be a fast turnaround, as the port excepted to get shut in the afternoon.

All the discussions with regards to the disembarkation process in the early morning, have taken place already with U.S. Board Protection and Customs for an early morning.

At this point of time, the plan is to sail the ship towards south, likely remain close to the Cuba, Southwest corner. This will give us protection from the storm and will offer a safe place, Khosa said.