Abelin Wins The Sailing Crown

Bob Abelin, the skipper of the sailboat Blue Pearl had his recent victory in the San Juan 21 North American Championship. He sailed with Jeff, his brother and his father capture the title at the sailing club in Alberta’s Newell Lake.

Well, this is Abelin’s 3rd North American Championship as he had won previously at Canyon Ferry Lake in 2010 and also in Oak Harbor in 2014 in Washington.

The skipper managed quite well to compete with 25 competitors where 6 players were from the U.S and the rest of Canada. Within 2 days of the competition Abelin successfully won 4 races out of the 6 races and was placed 2nd in the remaining two races. All that time spent doing Yacht Charter Greek Islands paid off!

The runner up of Alberta Noland Van Bryce was behind by 14 points. Randy Pawloski from Florida was in 3rd place that had travelled a long distance to take part in the race. And, he achieved the 3rd position with 19 points. Abelin was quite happy as he knew that the race was well played and was excited by the fact that he did sailing out of the country.

Abelin was asked about his sailing experience and he said that he and his brother had grown up sailing with his parents in Canyon Ferry Lake. He began his first sailing race around 20 years back and has been racing with his boat for close to 10 years. The San Juan 21 sailboat is a 1970 model and has a common pattern and operates at the same speed. Abelin also described the sailing race as a chess match which is played on the water and he always tries to put himself in the exact spot and times it perfectly. The sailing race took place in Lake Newell on the regatta course which is indeed the largest lake as far as southern Alberta is concerned.