No one could have foreseen the unstable development of the J/70 Class. What was esteemed an impaired sprit pontoon was in reality what the market needed, which was a watercraft with an okay execution that could be faced by a wide swath of the vessel purchasing open.

Having the strong J structured Boat brand gave it the legs for development at the nearby, national and universal dimensions. In any case, this development likewise made an open door for gifted genius mariners to build pontoon execution and regatta spending plan. Indeed, even multi-capable Jud Smith was composing his group checks in the course to winning the 2018 J/70 World Championship.
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Cowes on this Sunday, October 6th will be prepared for the Annual Race for the small ships and this is for the vessels used for sea training; more than half of the UK’s training fleet ready to race including Jolie Brise. Island Trust’s pilot cutter Pegasus will also join The School of Dauntsey Vessel along with those owned by the cadets of the marine sea.

Revelation Morning Star of Chatham will be seen up against debut entry of The Trust of the Portsmouth Tall Ships Tenacity of Bolton. They will sail with sailors from the isle that is young, on the UKSA.
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The cruise industry has moved a tax increase after Alaska U.S. senators helped strike the provision from the tax bill that passed the Senate.

The bill got approval on early Saturday and it includes other provisions that Republican Sens of Alaska. Dan Sullivan and Lisa Murkowski hailed and said it is significant for Alaskans, including the drilling of oil and gas on the coastal plain of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR).
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Notorious Doldrums are encountered when they are racing between Lisbon and Cape Town on Leg 2 through Atlantic by Volvo Ocean Race fleet minimal disruption breezed through their way.

The doldrums of eighth day Leg 4 was made to missed opportunities to relinquish the grip on the seven teams by light winds and blistering heat.

The crew members from last three days were focused on the north so as to get as early as possible into the consistent trade and can lock themselves, which will fire them towards Hong Kong but the race is going slowly.

From last 24 hours the wind has become non-existent and reducing average speed to as little as three knots and the temperature of air and sea has risen to uncomfortable levels. It gets normal when the cloud appears. This painful condition has left speechless.

Jens Dolmer in an interview said “It’s very hot and slow and we get frustrated as we have covered 100 miles in 24 hours and completely saps the energy as it is very hot in the day no breeze at all”.

The unstable nature of Doldrums left the team in gains and losses as at one point more teams turned to east. And the west side boats on the next position has pulled back and drawn level again.

In the past 24 hours the real winner was Scallywag who has maintained to reduce the gap from more than 30 miles to around 10. And also UTC update placed them on the top ranking due to west side position and they are technically close to home port that is their finish line and waiting fans for scores.

Libby Greenhalgh Scallywag navigator said in an interview “Because of fastest boats they have made gains on the fleet”.

Cruise Industry News has come to know that this voyage is not going to take place because of the embarkation limits with early closure of the port.

The Cruise Line of Bahamas Paradise is offering a wonderful opportunity to avoid Hurricane Irma as it has made a decision to provide the four-night cruise aboard the Grand Celebration.

On Friday, the cruise will leave the Palm Beach at 10 a.m., and it is set to come back on Tuesday.

Bahamas Paradise Cruise Line CEO, O’neil Khosa, told the Cruise Industry News that the discussions begin on the afternoon of Wednesday among employees with regards as to whether they could board the ship. The ship was about to start its sail from Palm Beach to avoid the storm Irma on Friday. Continue reading

One un-calculated error proved expensive for Molly Meech and Alex Maloney at the Santander in the World Cup final overnight.

The 49erFX Olympic silver medalists posted two thirds, but were finished in 13th in the day’s first race.

After competing in the race, Maloney said, “The days was pretty good, but it could have been a rocking day”. “Today we had consistent racing, but a minor tactical error in the race hindered our performance and coming down to the finish line, we lost a lot of the fleet.”

“At the time of the race, there was a big hole in the wind and I gibed it, but then, I realized it was a wrong decision.”

In the 15-boat fleet, the pair is now in the seventh position and still it is feeling the effects of being loaded with the penalty of 50 percent of their results of first-day where their boat declares as underweight when measured before the beginning of the regatta. That saw Meech and Maloney 13th after the first day of racing.Continue reading

The British team might have bagged double gold at the Aon Youth Sailing World Championships, but the US team was not far behind.

Indeed, this time the level of competition was high with several gold medal contestants having achieved great records and shown incredible performances on the water.

There were five winners on the final day who were confirmed in their victory a day before the final races. Indeed, there was much rejoicing in Auckland as the Aon Youth Sailing World Championships came to an end today. Indeed, the Nacra 15 gold was won by the sailors of the French multihull group while the 29er class showcased a women’s victory that was a first in this regatta this year. Even the 420 class saw the US team having secured gold. Indeed, the team of boys had worked hard and the dedication as well as dieting that they followed seemed to have paid off. Continue reading

At one end Paralympic Sailing Federation is trying their best re-introduce sailing in Paralympic 2024. And giving a breakthrough to team members and players, world sailing has invited bids from all member national authority to bid for the Para world sailing championship. The bids have to be submitted at the executive office of the World sailing event team. It has to be submitted by 18 of November 2016.

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Women have been coming into the limelight more often these days, especially in the Rio Games this year. One such instance can be seen in the case of the sailing races. With several women’s teams from different countries like Britain, Brazil and New Zealand wins gold and other medals, women have definitely made it big this time at the Olympics.

The duo from Britain, Saskia Clark and Hannah Mills has won gold in the 470 sailing category. The pair ended up as silver medalists at the previous Olympic games which had been held in London in 2012. The duo finished the medal race on Thursday and this time their fate got them gold and in the eighth position but first overall. Continue reading

Bob Abelin, the skipper of the sailboat Blue Pearl had his recent victory in the San Juan 21 North American Championship. He sailed with Jeff, his brother and his father capture the title at the sailing club in Alberta’s Newell Lake.

Well, this is Abelin’s 3rd North American Championship as he had won previously at Canyon Ferry Lake in 2010 and also in Oak Harbor in 2014 in Washington.

The skipper managed quite well to compete with 25 competitors where 6 players were from the U.S and the rest of Canada. Within 2 days of the competition Abelin successfully won 4 races out of the 6 races and was placed 2nd in the remaining two races. All that time spent doing Yacht Charter Greek Islands paid off!Continue reading